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Our Services

Direct Embroidery

We embroider a wide range of garments each week. We can hoop and embroider directly onto hats, polos, jackets hoodies and more! We use machines that can run 1,000 stitches per minute to deliver fast results that are truly stunning.  


In order to translate your design into our embroidery machine, we first must digitize the logo. Digitizing is the process of converting your design or logo into a sequence of stitches that our machines can run. This is a 1 time flat fee, and we keep your designs on file forever! If you come back for reorders, you don’t have to pay this fee again. 


Before we embroider on any real garments, we generate a sample sew out on fabric for client approval. With this, you can confirm colors, sizing or any other details about your newly digitized design. 

Color Matches

We offer PMS matches for certain thread colors. Many of our threads correspond to a Pantone PMS, so we can have consistency between your print and embroidery projects.

Specialty Placements

Our machines and hoops can embroider on sleeves, hat backs and sides, golf bags, stockings, shirt cuffs and more. If you have a specialty placement request, give us a call and we’ll see how we can work together to make something awesome.

Embroidery FAQs

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum is 12 pieces with the same logo

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround is 7-10 business days for most projects. A busy season or schedule might affect this, so contact us for more details.  

What is the difference between print and embroidery?

This is a question we get asked a lot! Embroidery is the process of decorating apparel and other products with thread. We use machines that can run 1,000 stitches per minute to deliver fast results that are truly stunning. We have a wide selection of thread colors and can even PMS color match your logo. 

Is embroidery right for my project?

The most common items we embroider on are hats, polos, jackets and fleece items. This is because the textures or shapes of these items aren’t always suitable for screen printing. Embroidery works best with items like these or with heavier weight items. Basic t-shirts don’t always hold embroidery well.

Can you embroider patches?

We can embroider patches onto apparel, but we work with an outside patch manufacturer to create the physical patch.  

*Please note that patches take time to create. We usually have a 2-4 week lead time on patch projects, to insure quality is met and detail is accounted for. 

Can you embroider anything other than apparel?

We can! In addition to polos, fleece, jackets and other apparel, we can also embroider blankets, duffle bags, golf bags, totes, backpacks, stockings, scarves and much more. Stop in or give us a call to see what we can embroider for you! 

Can you embroider a full back logo?

Yes! We do full logos for many of our clients, and it looks awesome. If you’re looking for a full front or back logo, please contact us with the apparel style and logo you are looking for. We will run a test to make sure everything will fit and look great for your project. 

What types of thread do you use?

We use Madeira Polyneon thread. In our opinion, it offers the greatest longevity, best color options and doesn’t cause wear and tear on our machines.   

Can you do puff embroidery?

We can! We would have you consult with our embroidery department to see if your logo works with puff embroidery. Email shop@logowearhouse.com for more details