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Our graphic design department is available to assist with your apparel design needs. Whether you’re starting a design from scratch or already have inspiration, our goal is to work together to create artwork that embodies your vision. Our graphic designers can meet with you one on one or work with you remotely to review your custom artwork ideas. Together you can discuss the vision for your project and find inspiration to help create your design. Once the artwork is created, you will receive a digital proof of the design on a t-shirt or other apparel item.













Our team is equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing us access to Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom. These programs are leading industry tools to give you the best results. Our committed and experienced designers are here to help turn your ideas into your new favorite shirt.

Graphic design is a complex form of art, relying on a base principle that differs from other art styles. In fine art, an artist must solve the problem of communicating their own message through their creations. In graphic design, a designer is tasked with finding ways to communicate someone else’s message. A designer’s goal is to translate the thought, care, and emotions of their client into imagery, colors, and words. They must also make sure that the intended audience can understand the message of the design.













Much like Beethoven would compose music and conduct a band to bring to his vision to life, a designer must use their understanding of their clients needs, audience and vision of a project to create an effective message. The goal is to create a message with a quick recognition and a strong sense of staying power so that the message resonates with them long after their initial viewing.

And that is what makes graphic design so cool.